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Multi Champion Invincible de Debonair aka Vinny is the #1 ARBA Dogo for 2012



2013- Please visit our show results page for our dogos 2013 show wins!

2012- Our Dogos earned a more then a few titles in 2012. Vinny earned his ARBA Championship in March and his ARBA Master Championship in May. He also earned his KC-USA Championship and is currently the #1 Dogo in both these forums. Sirius is currently the #1 Dogo in UKC. Sirius has also qualified for the 2012 Eukanuba Tournament of Champions and earned four more AKC Best in Show Misc. Bellissima has earned 2 WB with comp in UKC and is half way to her Championship.

Carla just started showing AKC Juniors and has now made it out of the novice class. Sirius so far and 6 Best MISC in shows with lil Carla handling him.

Cassi has now earned 3 CM points with AKC and a Best Misc in Show defeating competition and she has now qualified for the 2012 Eukanuba Tournament of Champions.

June 3rd 2012 Sirius has now earned his AKC Certificate of Merit and will now carry the CM after his name.

In July Lil Carla earned another UKC Best Junior handler in Show and another UKC Reserve Best in Show on Sirius.

August has been hot we only did one UKC show up the coast at Pismo Beach we finished a UKC title on Diabla de las Arries now owned by a friend of ours. Carla and Sirius took home 3 more Best Junior Handler in Show wins. (She is currently ranked #5 Open Junior for 2012) Sirius is currently ranked #1 Dogo

September and October we showed Fiona de la Cocha now owned by a friend of ours to her UKC, ARBA Jr, KC-USA and UCI Puppy International Championships.

November our Daughter showed Vinny and earned 2 ARBA BEST IN SHOWS, 3 ARBA Reserve Best in Shows, 2 KC-USA BEST IN SHOWS and 1 KC-USA Reserve Best in Show. He also earned his ARBA Senior Master Championship, his UCI Adult International Championship and became the FIRST KC-USA Master Champion. Also at this show weekend Bellissima de Debonair (AKA Puddin) earned her ARBA Jr, KC-USA and UCI International Championships.

December Vinny earned 3 more Reserve Best in shows with ARBA and 2 more Reserve Best in shows with KC-USA. Vinny is the #1 Dogo in both the ARBA and KC-USA forums for 2012, he is also in the TOP TEN all breeds for both these forums. Puddin finished her ARBA Championship. Our boy Sirius is the #1 UKC Dogo for 2012 and lil Carla is in the UKC Top 10 Open Junior Handlers for 2012. What a great year!!! We look forward to showing in 2013. Vinny will be shown with both UKC and AKC and Sirius will start obedience and weight pulling. Looks to be a fun year hope to see you all at the events.

   Our Bred By MASTER Champion 'Cassiopeia' 4 Adult BEST IN SHOWS in September 2011 being handled by our Daughter then 12 years old.



January ARBA show weekend Sirius took 2 Best In Shows, 2 Reserve Best in Shows and a BEST IN CLASSIC

In March Sirius earned his Junior KC Championship title and a KC Adult Best in Show.  

In April Sirius earned 2 Grand Champion points with UKC, our daughter won 2 Best Junior handler awards and also took home a UKC Reserve Best in Show. Cassiopeia de Debonair also earned 2 Grand Champion points with UKC and both Sirius and Cassi are currently tied for second place in the UKC top ten for 2011 with many more shows to come this year. Also in April Sirius earned his UCI International and IABCA National Championships and 2 Best Bred By In Show, 3 Best in Shows, and a Reserve Best in Show. Maya earned her International Championship and a Reserve Best in Show. 

In May Sirius finished his KC Adult Championship and went on to win 3 more KC Best Adult in Shows and a BEST IN CLASSIC. Also in May Sirius earned his MASTER ARBA CHAMPIONSHIP and took home 3 Best in Shows and a Reserve Best in Show, and BEST IN CLASSIC with ARBA. 

In June, July and August we have been showing UKC and we finished a Championship on Vinny, a Championship on Naupa de el Tumi (Maya), and a Grand Championship on Sirius.  

Labor day weekend our Dogos earned 7 Championship titles. Sirius finished his KC-International title. Vinny his first time out with KC-USA and ARBA earned a KC-USA JR, ARBA JR , and UCI International titles all in one weekend. Cassi, handled by our 12 year old daughter, finished her ARBA Master Championship, and earned her KC-USA and UCI International titles and took home 4 Best in Shows and 2 Reserve Best in Shows. What a great weekend! Sophie's dad just sent us a text she finished her Master Championship. Apollo (son of Sophie and Toro) is currently in the UKC Top Ten. 

Sirius earned his first BEST IN SHOW MISC with AKC and qualified for the 2011 Eukanuba tourament of Champions. Sirius is the #1 Dogo in ARBA, KC-USA and UKC #1 male Dogo for 2011. On December 10th our 12 year old daughter showed Sirius in the ARBA year end tournament and won 3rd place all breeds and also two reserve best in shows. Sirius is now the second EVER Senior Master Champion Dogo, his sister Phoenix was the first. 

Cassi finished her UKC Grand Championship and is the #3 Dogo with UKC and the #2 Dogo with ARBA and KC-USA for 2011. Our Zoe also finshed her Grand Championship in 2011 and is the #5 Dogo in UKC. Our Daughter finished 2011 as the #1 UKC Junior Handler in the country. Her Junior partner is Sirius and he finished the year as the #1 male Dogo in UKC with a 12 year old as his primary handler.

Our Bred By Champion 'Cassiopeia' Adult BEST IN SHOW at only 6 months

2010- Our show results for 2010 are fantastic. Phoenix is the first Dogo to earn the highest ARBA title SENIOR MASTER CHAMPION.  Phoenix also won 4th place (all breeds) in the 2009 Tournament of Champions on January 9th 2010. In this show weekend she also received a Runner up Best in Show and a Best in show. In March Phoenix won 4 more BEST IN SHOWS at the Sunray Classic in San Diego with ARBA. She finished the year ranked as the #1 Dogo and #2 Dog all breeds with ARBA for 2010. In April Phoenix earned her Adult UCI Championship title being shown under International and AKC  judges. Our Daughter also has continued showing in Juniors with Phoenix and earned excellent ratings at the Spring IABCA show. 

After taking the summer off from showing we started back up at the ARBA Labor day weekend show with two of our young 6 month bred-by show prospect puppies 'Cassiopeia' and 'Sirius'.  To our amazement Cassi took an Adult BEST IN SHOW  a group 1 and three group 2 wins. Sirius shown by our 11 year old daughter took two group 2 wins. Our future is looking bright with these up and coming stars.  

Sirius and Cassiopeia both earned their UKC Championships. Sirius also took home one Group1 and three Group2 placements and is currently featured in the UKC Top ten Dogos for 2010. Our Daughter took Best Junior Handler for both shows on Saturday with Cassi and both shows with Sirius on Sunday.

In November both Sirius and Cassiopeia finished their ARBA Championships and both are in the ARBA Top Ten Dogos.  Both pups did great at the ARBA 2010 Tournament of Champions along with their full older sister Phoenix( #1 ARBA Dogo 08,09,10).

In December we fininshed 2010 with Cassi winning 2nd place in the Tournament and Phoenix becoming the #1 Dogo, #1 Working Dog and the #2 ARBA Dog of 2010. Phoenix also took home 2 more Reserve Best in Show wins and 2 more Best in Show wins. For 2010 Phoenix, Cassi and Sirius are the #1, #2 and #3 Dogo Argentinos with ARBA and Sirius is the UKC #4 Dogo for 2010. 

Our bred by 'Phoenix' 2009 Tournament of Champions #4 all Breeds